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anti-drone solution

The HAWK anti-drone system is a comprehensive solution for airborne drone protection. The system uses a variety of sensors and data fusion to provide effective protection against airborne intrusion.

It can detect a drone before it enters the protected zone, track it in real time and bring it down to the ground or neutralise it in the air.

The system automatically generates an alarm when a drone is detected and effectively neutralises the intruder. Additionally, the system is able to determine the position of the drone operator. The HAWK system is a network-centric anti-drone system supplied by Hertz New Technologies, developed by Hertz Systems engineers.

Protect yourself against
the global threat of UAVs

The development of technology as well as widespread access to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – commonly referred to as drones – has made UAV units a real threat. Drones may be lethal weapons used not only by the military, but increasingly also by criminals, terrorists, saboteurs or unwitting operators. Drones can easily transport explosives, be used for espionage activities, can deliver drugs to prisons and disrupt operations or damage infrastructure at airports, seaports, power plants and refineries.


The HAWK anti-drone system, which comprises detectors, neutralisers and the Hawk C2 imaging and alarm system, enables the detection of an airborne intruder  even before it enters the protected zone. It is instrumental wherever the drone threat is real and security is a top priority. HAWK solutions are used for the protection of critical infrastructure, airports, prisons and detention centres, and in the daily work of security services, such as police and border guards.


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