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HAWK anti-drone system created in Poland, by Polish engineers

The comprehensive HAWK anti-drone system, which consists of active (radar) and passive (direction finders) detection systems, neutralisers and the Hawk C2 threat imaging and alerting system, was developed by Hertz System, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of design and production of security systems, military ICT systems, GPS satellite navigation systems, and space projects. Hertz System is the sole manufacturer of military satellite navigation receivers equipped with cryptographic modules in Poland. 

Hertz Systems develops its own technologies in the Research and Development Department, which employs engineers with the highest level of competence. Hertz Systems is  distinguished by its extensive experience in international projects, including projects for NATO, the European Commission, the European Space Agency and the European Defence Agency. More than 2,000 military navigation receivers manufactured by Hertz are already operating on NATO combat platforms. Thanks to its accreditation by the Security Accreditation Board at the EUSPA Agency, Hertz Systems is responsible for the technology for  the Galileo PRS system and actively pursues the production of PRS receivers in Poland. Hertz Systems is a high-trust partner, which is confirmed, among other things, by its certificates, concessions and implemented quality systems: ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, AQAP 2210, NCAGE.

Modern technology

for protection against new threats

Hertz Systems and Hertz New Technologies jointly form the Hertz Group, which designs, manufactures and supplies comprehensive solutions implementing modern technologies for the protection of infrastructure and facilities against emerging threats, in particular those related to the progress of civilisation and technology. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, pose such a threat.

Drones can be a threat to public utilities, critical infrastructure (e.g., power plants, refineries), as well as airport and seaport operations. They are used by criminals, spies and terrorists – to transport explosives, drugs, weapons and other dangerous objects. Therefore, military units and institutions in charge of the security industrial sector as well as public safety are particularly interested in securing effective means of defence against drone attacks. 

In the next few years, the value of the global drone market may increase even twofold! Therefore, providing modern security solutions against UAV threats is essential.

HAWK comprehensive anti-drone system

for safety in the air

The HAWK system is a comprehensive solution to the increasingly frequent incidents involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to detect an airborne intruder before it enters a protected zone and to effectively neutralise it. A multisensory system based on radar technology,  direction finders, cameras and effectors in the form of neutralisers or a module for taking control of the drone ensures effective protection of the protected zone. 

The comprehensive system consists of three main components that can operate on their own and independently of each other. The solutions are available in stationary (suitable for the protection of critical infrastructure), mobile (installed, for example, in pick-up trucks) and portable (allowing devices to be installed in any location) versions.

Explore the components of the HAWK system

For real and effective protection against threats posed by UAVs, we recommend implementing the complete HAWK solution, the reason being that the system integrates various detection technologies and the detection and neutralisation of the threat are based on multiple data provided by the sensor system. An important feature of HAWK related to anti-drone protection is the advanced security against system takeover or hacking and the architecture that allows integration with other protection and security systems. 

The equipment and   The configuration of the complete HAWK anti-drone system is individually designed by the Hertz Systems and Hertz New Technologies engineering team. Important parameters include the type and location of the infrastructure to be protected and the extent of the protection zone. 

Explore the unique features of the HAWK system


The system integrates a variety of detection technologies: sector radars, direction finders, acoustic sensors, and cameras.



Data-processing algorithms to classify and continuously track detected drones (as a single object) based on the information received from a variety of sensors (radar, direction finders and acoustic sensors).


The system has safeguards to prevent intrusion, taking control or hacking.


Openness of the system to integration with security systems already in place at the protected site.

HAWK solutions prove themselves where

security is the highest priority:

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