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HAWK anti-drone system for the security of critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructures are the actual facilities, equipment and installations, as well as cyber-physical systems that are necessary for the minimum functioning of the economy and the state, i.e., the functioning of public administration, institutions, businesses and citizens. Facilities and systems defined as critical infrastructure meet the specific criteria listed in the classified annex to the National Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection. Critical infrastructure includes power plants, bridges, ports, fuel installations, etc.

Real threats of UAV

to critical infrastructure

The easy and widespread access to UAVs (drones) means their growing popularity not only among private users but also among criminals. Modern drones cover long distances with ease, are equipped with increasingly better cameras, can carry heavy loads and operate in automatic modes along pre-programmed routes. An important security gap has therefore emerged that previous security systems have not been able to fill. 

There has been a successive increase in the number of incidents at critical infrastructure facilities caused by drones. This has been witnessed in recent years by Saudi Aramco, whose facilities have been repeatedly attacked by drones used by a Shiite terrorist group. The presence of drones over airports and facilities of key critical infrastructure has also been reported by Scandinavian countries. After several drones were seized and their memory cards checked, it was found that they had been used for espionage purposes by Russian nationals. These countries issued bans on the use of drones on their territories by Russian citizens.

Utilising more than 30 years of experience in the areas of security systems, military ICT systems, GPS satellite navigation systems and space systems, the engineers and scientists at Hertz Systems (Hertz Group) have developed the HAWK anti-drone system equipped with a hacking module that effectively detects and neutralises hostile aircraft, providing protected zone security around critical infrastructure.

Components of the HAWK anti-drone system

for critical infrastructure protection

In order to provide optimal security for critical infrastructure, a comprehensive solution integrating different detection and neutralisation technologies is required. Detection based on active (radar) and passive (direction finders) technologies allows drone detection regardless of their type of construction (rotorcraft, airframe) or mode of flight (controlled, autonomous).

Once a hostile UAV has been successfully detected, it must be prevented from entering the protected zone, and omnidirectional and directional neutralisers as well as drone takeover modules or a hand-held neutraliser are used for this purpose.

For real and effective protection against UAV threats, we recommend implementing a complete HAWK solution. The equipment and configuration of the individual system components are individually designed by the Hertz Systems and Hertz New Technologies engineering team. 

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