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HAWK anti-drone system for the security of prisons and detention centres

The Prison Service and its subordinate prisons and detention centres have been reporting increasing use of drones in criminal activities. Illegal overflights of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are aimed at exploring the security of prison infrastructure or smuggling illegal or dangerous objects and substances (e.g., drugs, weapons, SIM cards or mobile phones).

The real threat of UAVs

to the Prison Service

Smuggling drugs, knife blades, SIM cards and even mobile phones is not at all uncommon. Examples of the use of drones in smuggling activities have been observed for several years in the United States and in Europe. Due to continuous improvements in equipment, drones are proving useful for surveillance of the Prison Service and attacks on inmates. A drone on the premises of a penitentiary significantly reduces the security of both the prisoners and the staff.

The problem with drones in these types of units is noticed all over the world, drones have become an easy way to bypass ground-based security systems, including walls and bars. It has become so commonplace that these problems have become elements of films and television crime series.

Making use of more than 30 years of experience in the areas of security systems, military ICT systems, GPS satellite navigation systems and space systems, the engineers and scientists at Hertz Systems (Hertz Group) have developed the HAWK anti-drone system equipped with a hacking module that effectively detects and neutralises hostile aircraft, ensuring the security of the protected zone.

Elements of the HAWK anti-drone system

for the protection of prison infrastructure

In the effective protection of prison facilities against drones – due to the characteristics of their locations, often in close proximity to city centres – systems based on passive detection, i.e., direction finders, are proving effective. These devices detect the connection between the drone and the operator and are very effective in heavily urbanised spaces. They also enable the detection of the drone operator, which is also essential for law enforcement purposes.

Omnidirectional neutralisers (with a power range selected to suit individual requirements) or hand-held neutralisers and drone takeover modules are used to effectively prevent a drone from entering a prison or detention facility.

For real and effective protection against UAV threats, we recommend implementing a complete HAWK solution. The equipment and configuration of the individual system components are individually designed by the Hertz Systems and Hertz New Technologies engineering team. 

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