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HAWK anti-drone system for the security of citizens

Protecting citizens as well as security broadly understood constitute the main tasks of the security services. The police and the border guard take care of the security of state borders and citizens. In their daily work, they encounter crimes such as smuggling illegal goods and attempts of illegal entry. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are also a real threat.

The real threat of UAVs

to security services

As the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) develops, their use by private users and also by criminals has been on the increase. Drones can cover routes of up to several kilometres, are pre-programmed, equipped with cameras giving high-quality images, and able to carry heavy loads. They are a real threat to the state and to citizens.

Drones can be used by criminals, but also by saboteurs in espionage activities. They can be used to access information of importance to state security, such as systems or procedures for territorial defence. Appropriate systems to detect and take action against drones are increasingly becoming part of the equipment for security services.

Making use of more than 30 years of experience in the areas of security systems, military ICT systems, GPS satellite navigation systems and space systems, the engineers and scientists at Hertz Systems (Hertz Group) have developed the HAWK anti-drone system equipped with a hacking module that effectively detects and neutralises hostile aircraft, ensuring the security of the protected zone.

Elements of the HAWK anti-drone system

for the protection of citizens

Ensuring optimum protection of the national territory and the safety of its citizens requires a comprehensive long-range solution integrating various detection and neutralisation technologies. Detection based on active (radar) and passive (direction finders) technologies makes it possible to detect drones regardless of their type of construction (rotorcraft, airframe) or the mode of flight (guided, autonomous).

Once a hostile UAV has been successfully detected, it must be prevented from entering the protected zone, and for this purpose omnidirectional and directional neutralisers, drone takeover modules or a hand-held neutraliser prove indispensable.

For real and effective protection against UAV threats, we recommend implementing a complete HAWK solution. The equipment and configuration of the individual system components are individually designed by the Hertz Systems and Hertz New Technologies engineering team. 

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