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HAWK Basic

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HAWK Basic system Optimal investment costs

HAWK Basic is a ready-made anti-drone solution that efficiently detects, identifies and neutralizes threats associated with drone usage. Developed based on experiences in safeguarding the most demanding facilities, the HAWK Basic system consists of components that ensure effective anti-drone protection at an optimal cost.

The HAWK Basic system is a cost-effective investment for optimal protection, almost readily available. It is not just a set of anti-drone technologies but also a guarantee of peace of mind and security. Take advantage of our cost-effective solution now and secure your surroundings against potential drone threats.

Components of the HAWK Basic anti-drone system

for effective protection

HAWK HRF 2000 detector

Detection efficiency and real-time information

The advanced HAWK HRF 2000 detector identifies up to 80% of drones available on the market. With a detection range of 6 km, it enables early threat recognition. It swiftly identifies communication links between the drone and the operator, providing the user with real-time key information such as current position, altitude, flight direction and speed, drone model and ID number, and even the drone's starting position.

NR 1700 hand jammer

Swift drone interception or return to operator

The NR 1700 is a high-class device designed to block control signals of unwanted drones and all signals (including video) sent to the drone operator. The hand jammer stops the drone and blocks its access to the protected area within a radius of up to 1.7 km! It allows for the interception of the drone or its return to the take-off point. The NR 1700 is lightweight, ergonomic, ready to operate in seconds, simple and intuitive to use – just press a button to initiate drone neutralization.

HAWK C2 imaging and control system

Precise imaging and intelligent management

HAWK C2 is responsible for analyzing and visualizing data collected by all elements of the anti-drone system installed in the protected area. Here, data from detectors is processed and visualized. The command station is available in stationary and mobile versions. The system consists of a monitoring station and unique C2 software integrated with detectors. It enables drone classification, visualization of its coordinates and flight trajectory, operator location, and definition of protected zones. It operates in automatic or manual mode and records event history.

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