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HAWK anti-drone system Neutralisation: jammers and  hacking modules

The HAWK anti-drone system is formed by the HAWK C2 detection, neutralisation and imaging and alarm systems. The neutralisation system is made up of neutralisers (jammers), whose task is to force a landing or send the intruder drone  back to its launch site.

The neutralisation system can additionally be equipped with a hacking module to take control of the drone and land it safely in a designated area.

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Learn about the neutralisation elements of the HAWK anti-drone system


held jammer

This is a high-end device designed to block the control signals of an unwanted drone and any signals (including video) sent to the operator. It is a dedicated device for public and uniformed services that carry out protective functions related to state security and the protection of strategic facilities, including airports. Thanks to its functionality, the neutraliser can be safely used in built-up areas and in the presence of civilians, without posing a risk to bystanders.

Omnidirectional stationary


An advanced device designed to effectively protect areas from the drone threat. Equipped with omnidirectional antennas, it enables full 360-degree coverage of an area, eliminating potential gaps in defense and the ability to counter drone swarms.



A directional neutraliser on a rotor, fully integrated with detection systems to perform automatic neutralisation of hostile UAVs. When a drone is detected approaching the protected zone, the neutraliser automatically targets it and starts neutralising it according to a predetermined scenario, either pushing it out of the protected zone or forcing it to land.


Hacking module


An advanced system that automatically and passively detects, locates and identifies enemy drones. It takes control of them and enables them to land safely in a designated zone. It is able to take control of several or even more than a dozen drones simultaneously. The hacking module is a solution using non-disruptive, non-kinetic technology, independent of the field of view, guiding the captured drone along a designated route to a selected point.

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