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HAWK anti-drone system Software: imaging and alarm system C2

In addition to the detection and neutralisation systems, the C2 imaging and alarm system is an important component of the HAWK. It consists of a monitoring station with dedicated software.

The HAWK C2 is a globally unique software equipped with data fusion algorithms and an algorithm for automatic, intelligent allocation of neutralisation resources, enabling reliable classification of a detected drone as an intruder and its immediate neutralisation before it crosses the border of the protected facility or area.



The C2 imaging and alarm system, which consists of a monitoring station with C2 software, is responsible for analysing and visualising the data collected by all the elements of the anti-drone system that are installed in the protected area. It is here that data from radars, cameras and other sensors are processed and visualised. The command station is available in both fixed and mobile versions.

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Explore the main functionalities of the Hawk C2 system

  • management of individual sensors and the entire anti-drone system,
  • connection of any number of detection and neutralisation sensors,
  • preview of the tactical situation on online or offline maps,
  • simultaneous detection of an unlimited number of drones simultaneously including  simultaneous  detection of drones of different types,
  • early  detection of UAVs – even before take-off!
  • detection of the operator's position,
  • automatic or manual drone neutralisation,
  • automatic UAV type classification,
  • distinguishing the UAV from other flying objects,
  • real-time tracking of the UAV flight path,
  • a system integrated with a camera tracking a detected object and viewing the camera image,
  • map editing: designation of protected zones, activation of individual surveillance zones,
  • automatic triggering of audible alarm when an airborne intruder is detected,
  • uninterrupted 24/7 operation, data archiving,
  • map  upload via GPS coordinates.

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